About Us

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The Energy Solidarity Cooperative (ESC) designs and builds community-driven, cooperatively-owned solar energy projects and political educational programs with groups such as community-based organizations, schools and places of worship, in communities of color and low-income.

We work to build community power—social, political, infrastructural, economic and generative—as part of the just transition towards solidarity economies.

ESC is an Oakland-based multi-stakeholder cooperative comprised of worker owners, consumer owners and community-driven funders. These stakeholders combine energy consulting and training services, project sites and support, and community-controlled capital, respectively.

The central activities and practical outcomes of our model are to:

(1) build out more community-owned clean energy systems and energy efficiency measures in underserved communities;

(2) mobilize non-extractive financing for such systems and measures by investors, while arranging secure refinancing;

(3) save revenue for organizations operating at underserved sites, while generating revenue for worker services;

(4) grow the clean energy cooperative workforce with ecological and climate justice educational and training programs, anchored at these sites.

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ESC is committed to building a movement of energy resilience and economic justice. We want to change the way people think about energy. We envision a world where community energy planning, household energy efficiency and power production are a part of everyday life in neighborhoods.

Our approach to jumpstarting community power projects is the same as how they are owned and managed—from the ground up, through grassroots involvement of people like you.


The Energy Solidarity Co-op (ESC) is a multi-stakeholder cooperative comprised of worker members, consumer members and sustainers. We believe that cooperative energy generation has the power to transform the way we produce energy at a community scale.

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Our consumer members are neighborhood non-profits, schools, tenant groups and other community-based organizations.

Our worker members are a dynamic team of engineers, planners, policy analysts, group facilitators, educators, researchers and community leaders.