Our Approach: Community Control & Ownership

The Energy Solidarity Co-op (ESC) is a multi-stakeholder cooperative comprised of worker members, consumer members and sustainers.

Worker members are energy practitioners offering technical services and tools that support the development and management of community power projects for our consumer members. This includes:

  • Conducting residential or institutional preliminary energy audits and minor building retrofits.
  • Assessing solar potential and site selection for renewable energy systems in neighbourhoods.
  • Assisting with the development of management models, installation partnerships, and innovative financing for these systems.

Consumer members are individuals and organizations coming together to own and operate renewable energy systems, such as solar photovoltaics, within their neighborhoods. Instead of focusing on single households, our members bring together their collective interests and potential.

Sustainers are community investors who directly enable the development of clean community power, while their investment is repaid with interest as the project earns revenue.