Community-owned Solar Portal

The sun shines equally on all… Or does it?

  • The Community-owned Solar Portal is a free, online interactive map-driven tool where users can explore community solar power site identification, financing options and governance scenarios at the click of a button.
    The Portal also includes a community engagement feature where figures related to solar disparity and energy justice can be discussed by community groups and business leadership.
  • The Co-op Energy Guide is a regulatory roadmap, provided as a downloadable resource. The Guide offers an overview of legal agreements, site assessment considerations, best practices and cooperative governance.

With all the recent advancements in government policy, rebates and incentives, smart grid applications and turnkey technologies, there are still barriers to community solar.

ESC is developing guidance resources and data visualization tools to assist members, policy makers, community and business leaders in identifying and understanding obstacles and opportunities for community clean power production.
Stay tuned for more information on both resources.