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My mail mobile app detail

Mymail is the best mobile app which is mostly used for managing the different types of email accounts created by for getting Daily Mail Reward., it is used for the data compression, mostly data compression is used for speeding up the emails delivery system and decreasing the usage of mobile data. This application has many features.

These features are followings

  1.   Customization: this application has a unique feature through which it pushes notifications and turns those notifications for certain periods of time. It also has the ability to hide the sender name or subject.
  2.   Mailing support : it also has support for gmail, yahoo, outlook and other email services.
  3.   Files :it can also manage the files, attach those files whether they are in the form of images, or pdf it can send and receive them in one step.
  4.   Smart search: it has search system through which all email account and specific suggested words can be searched in one click
  5.   Gestures: it has swipe gestures functionalities such as touch screen functionality for moving between email accounts.

Mymail app is available on both android and iOS app stores with 5 stars rating.

Mymail app is the best app for using multi emails on one platform. It brings all your emails into one simple interface whether you use iphone, ipad or any other android smartphone. It provides a security system so that your personal data is stored safely and only passed through secure connection. You can easily connect any other email to myMail app. It provides a bright and user friendly interface that a huge amount of stuff is managed through simple and fast protocol. You can login to many email accounts and manage the whole information.